"Happy Songs,

Sweet Voices and

Amazing Presence!"

Jessica from Ohio

"Absolutely amazing!

Such an awesome experience."

Taylor from Pennsylvania

"The best

street entertainers

in Waikiki."

Wayne from New South Wales


We are The Free Little Birds, a family band based out of Honolulu, Hawaii

We have been a staple on the world-famous strip

of Waikiki since 2018, performing an eclectic blend

of originals and covers in genres ranging

from folk to soul, gospel to reggae! 

Our musical message is one of peace, love,

unity, and social justice

We hope The Free Little Birds are

an inspiration to you and the world!

"Highlight of my night each time I’ve seen them!"

Daniel from Wahiawa

"A beautiful family 

spreading positivity!"

Melaina from Kentucky


"The best music I've heard

in my life!"

Ryoto from Japan


especially the little girl,

so bright, so confident,

what a voice!"

Joseph from Victoria

Summer 2020 Events


Due to the current pandemic, The Free Little Birds

have cancelled all performances and wedding gigs.


We have been taking this downtime to hone

in on our individual musical skills.

#DaddyBird has been doing a lot of songwriting

as well as working on an all acoustic album

that should be released this Fall.

#SistaBird has been keeping up with her weekly voice lessons, learning to read music, breathe, and easily transitioning to higher ranges in preparation for

Christmas album.

#BrothaBird is taking his time finding his way back to the base learning new funky baselines as well as practicing his skills

on the guitar and ukulele.


We look forward to the day when we can get back to

giving you musical hugs in person.

"Boy can that girl sing!"

Michael from USA

"What a

wonderful example

of beautiful humans."

Madonna from Australia

Thank You for Your Support!

"Absolutely brilliant!

Made our stay in

Waikiki fantastic."

Rasmus from Sweden

"Genuine and Pure."

Cassie from Waipio


"Absolutely AMAZING!"

Kristie from Canada

© 2019 The Free Little Birds